Friday, November 14, 2014

Cement Truck Sandwich Recipe

[I was trying to encourage a young friend, S^2, to do his homework. One of his options was to write a sandwich recipe; I offered to write two* while he wrote one (he didn't take me up on it, but he did suppress a smile or two when I read him this one). His mother and I began brainstorming silly things you could put in a sandwich. She suggested a truck, which I liked, but then I was stumped on what kind of truck, and she suggested a cement truck-- and I was off and running.]

First, you have to get VERY big bread for your sandwich. You will have to ask a giant bakery for help. **Perhaps, if you cannot find one, you can use some cement from your cement truck to help build one. Next, cement does not have very much flavor, so you will have to get one ton of onions and one ton of pickles for flavoring. Finally, you have to find someone who is willing to eat the sandwich. You should ask someone very large, like the BFG or a tyrannasaurus rex or an entire school of children. Also, you should probably contact a news organization because they will probably be very interested in your cement truck sandwich.


*The other one was boring, which is why I didn't write it here.
** Don't ask me why I feel a need to tell you this, but I added this sentence today because S^2's mother asked me how one would find a giant bakery.

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