Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another Poem: Poor Beautiful Delicious

Poor Beautiful Delicious

She sat under the
sea-swept stars she
found great big amazing

and underneath the apple tree

we found her there
and held her hand
and stroked her hair

no children
no children,
there for me

no children dance ‘neath my Christmas tree

and when we left
we found

she wishes-- the magic did not have to end.

She wishes her children would love her.

She dips into the cesspool of humanity
and finds a gem
and another
it is a gem-field

but again

she sleeps
Waters ripple and flow
all good things end
unless a corn of wheat fall to the ground


she is launched

and she was never mine to start with

no one is


how I wish
a part of me wishes
though I know it is evil
because it is not right

I did not have to make friends with them.
I have to figure them out.
I want not to.
I am tired.
But it is evil.
So I must.

We must make ourselves different,
And we find ourselves different.
Will I be acceptable now?
Or will I still know myself again?

How I wish
to lie under the starry skies
to see them all
to observe
to commune with that which
comes out
only under the stars
when one is alone

But it was not made for us to be alone
not permanent.