Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break day trip to the beach

It was so... dang... cold! I checked the weather before I left; it said it would be in the 50's and sunny. It was not sunny. It was cloudy. But it was very, very beautiful!

The bad weather made the waves quite large, for this neck of the woods, and you could feel the ground shake as they crashed only a few yards away. It was hard not to watch-- until I got too cold to notice; that was when I knew I had to go inside.

 My feet were there!

I don't think it is possible to convey the utter magic-- the awesome, indescribable wonder-- that I feel whenever I get to go to the beach. Even though my poor feet were freezing right off, even though I was only there for one hour before I was too cold to enjoy anything any more, I still felt glad I had made the effort to go.

Tulips and I-don't-know-what

I'm just having so much fun with this macro lens. I'll put up a couple from my trip to the beach, next.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photographs from Elsewhere

Not my photographs, but photographs nonetheless. Here are the links:

Russians photographed by Russians I especially love the ones of the church on Trinity Sunday and of the Cossack standing on his horse.

13-year-old eagle huntress (in Mongolia) This is both cool and beautiful.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Daffodil Portrait and Other Stuff

 I discovered the macro lens setting on my camera! The first day I had a chance to go out and experiment with it-- just a couple of days ago-- was aMAZing. It was like getting a whole new camera!

The temple, in the rain, at sunset. I guess I could have cropped out more of the parking lot, but I still really love this photograph.

And, as always, a tree portrait.  This is from the day I walked to school in full hiking gear, because we weren't getting another snow day and the paths really weren't clear yet and I just didn't feel like driving in the snow. Also, I thought it would be fun. Which it was. The best comment I got was from a fellow teacher: "You look like you are dressed for somewhere FAR more interesting than here." (For the record, in my hiking backpack I had stowed some professional clothes, and I changed right after I got to work.)