Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Daffodil Portrait and Other Stuff

 I discovered the macro lens setting on my camera! The first day I had a chance to go out and experiment with it-- just a couple of days ago-- was aMAZing. It was like getting a whole new camera!

The temple, in the rain, at sunset. I guess I could have cropped out more of the parking lot, but I still really love this photograph.

And, as always, a tree portrait.  This is from the day I walked to school in full hiking gear, because we weren't getting another snow day and the paths really weren't clear yet and I just didn't feel like driving in the snow. Also, I thought it would be fun. Which it was. The best comment I got was from a fellow teacher: "You look like you are dressed for somewhere FAR more interesting than here." (For the record, in my hiking backpack I had stowed some professional clothes, and I changed right after I got to work.)