Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pictures at Grandma's House

The gate to the driveway

My hand and a wildflower, slightly out of focus

My friend Brandy, going over a rise in the road (near the gate)
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Rascolnikova said...

These are completely gorgeous! The Paris one too. Did you get your camera finally and I missed it?

SAC said...

I got the camera just after Christmas; I've just had problems getting the pictures downloaded because I don't have my own computer. I put these up when I got to a friend's house (Grandma doesn't have a computer, either).

By the way, I happen not to recognize your blogger name. Do I know you directly, and just not know your name, or did you find my blog through someone else's? I'm truly delighted that someone other than my sister, aunt, cousin, and brother-in-law read this, so if you don't want to tell me, that's fine (knowing that someone who isn't related to me reads it is gratification enough, in other words). If you do, though, my email is

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