Thursday, July 13, 2017

So small it's ridiculous

I've been keeping this new year's resolution since January, JANUARY did you hear me? And it's the middle of July, and I've missed exactly one week since I started, and that was the week of girls' camp when I was gone for five days and came back and slept for two more.

And the goal is: write for ten minutes per week, per project. Which is twenty minutes total. That's the basic goal; that's the one I've only missed exactly once this whole time.

It is SUCH a ridiculously small goal that I have been pretty embarrassed to tell anyone about it-- and yet, it has brought me so much happiness that I've sort of not been able to help myself.

Thus, my new rule of thumb: if a goal is so small that it's embarrassing, but is still not happening in my life yet, that is a great candidate for a goal for me. Ridiculous.