Friday, November 16, 2012

That's the spire of the Washington, DC Stake Center you are seeing to the right of the temple spires. As I was driving in the other day, it was just too pretty to pass up.

And as long as I was taking pictures of what it's like to approach the temple by car, I was struck by how nice it is to see the flag as you drive up to the temple. I see now that I could have pushed the exposure on this one a little brighter. Oh, well.
And this is not what it looks like when you approach the temple by car, except very very briefly. This is what it looks like if you hop out of the car and walk back to take in an appreciative look at the lovely gardens which surround the temple. Also this is what a photograph looks like if you are focused more on centering the sidewalks in your photograph than in centering the temple itself. Sigh. Better next time.

OK-- I think that's enough for now. The usual rules apply: you are welcome to use these pictures, without attribution even (but of course not with incorrect attribution), as long as you aren't particularly rude about their subject matter.

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