Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Due to overwhelming demand...

Two comments on the same thing! Well!

Here are the pictures you wanted to see. I tried to take them next to other things so that you could have a sense of scale. I felt, as I was taking them, like it looked like I was trying to make the pile of branches look big, rather than simply showing the actual size. If I'd had a person, that might have worked better. Maybe a stuffed animal, next time. (Next time a huge tree is blown apart by a passing hurricane. Hmm.)

Anyway. Here you go.

This was after two, maybe three loads had already been taken. I think it eventually took four.
That's a minivan, not a sedan, behind my lovely pile; it's not that far back; and the pile reached a couple of feet above it.
The pile basically filled the two parking spaces allotted to us in front of the townhouse. That fact (our guess is) might have had something to do with the housing association's willingness to send the chipper and truck to break it all town and take the resulting organic matter away. Two trucks-full, and they were done.

Oh. And as long as I am posting underwhelming pictures of truly impressive damage inflicted by natural disasters, here's a picture of a tree downed by the Derecho last July. The stump you see in this shot is, by my memory, at least six feet tall; the diameter of the trunk was about three feet, I believe. This was down in Alexandria (VA), where my sister Ivy lives; I kept passing it as I drove to her house and felt amazed every time. Finally one day I remembered the camera and got this photograph.