Sunday, February 6, 2011


From today!

As promised, lots of trees... I like the curly bits.

Also, the hint of light of the setting sun (like you are shocked that I would like that...)

I caught a little more light, down the road a bit.


Zanne said...

Your pics of trees make me miss WA. I don't prefer the desert, but I do prefer being with Werty over anything else. So, I remain in the desert.

SAC said...

If MY Own True Love were in the desert, that's where I'd want to be, too.

Of course, one could argue that he _might_ be there-- but I'm willing to take the risk of being here as long as I don't know for sure.

Day said...

btw, I love your Uchtdorf quote too.

emw said...

The pictures are lovely!.