Saturday, February 5, 2011

Small Update

So sorry to be such a dingbat about updating when stressful things are going down. I believe--hopefully-- most of you who are closest already know about this (Dad's health issues, not the dingbattiness-- you knew about that before).

Papa had a massive brain hemorrhage nearly a month ago.

Right now, he is doing so much better physically that they couldn't keep him in rehab, and the doctors said that, since he started walking again so soon, chances are good that he will recover fully. He was out in Utah, helping the Weathercolours move, when it happened, so that is where he is still; Mom is out there with him, and they are both staying in the Weathercolours' beautiful new house.

Good things DO happen to me-- really they do-- I just need to blog about them more, so that people can know. More on this soon.

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