Monday, February 20, 2017

Just, you know, some news

A little news. I'm easing back in to this.

One of the toddler nephews carries a postcard around with him at all times. Mom (my mom, his grandma) says that it has a picture of a cityscape on it, she thinks. She found a birthday card for his younger sister, with some pretty butterflies, and sure enough, she now carries hers around, too.

In Primary yesterday (Primary is Mormonspeak for Junior Sunday School), we learned that one of our new adult leaders loves to eat Beef Wellington. None of us (except her) knew what it was, but she explained, and it sounded yummy, and the teacher ended by telling the children that maybe they could ask their parents to fix it for them. One of the four-year-olds' mother teaches the three-year-olds, and right then and there leaned forward and asked her mom if her mom would fix it for her. Her mom turned around and came right back with, "Does this mean you are willing to try new foods?"

And I found out that Dad used to have a grownup to sit by him in Primary. THAT was interesting. It means, at the very least, that my brother came by his hyperactive ways honestly, but it also adds more evidence (like I needed any; I'm pretty biased at this point) that children with extra energy can turn out very well indeed. :)

About this picture: I have no idea if it looks like the card Mom gave to my niece or not, but it WOULD  be a cute card for a two-year-old, would it not?

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