Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I buyed a new compluder last night!

And yes, I am so excited about it that I am talking in 4-year-old-ese.

It should be delivered by the 27th. I could have chosen to pick it up at the store, but a) I am too lazy, and b) picking it up at the store would have gotten it to me at most three days earlier (and that's assuming I could have gotten to the store as soon as said compluder arrived, which is not a guarantee), and c) shipping was free, so there you have it.

Also, just in case there is anyone in my near connections who has not needed to be cheered up in the last month (and who therefore has not had me already tell them this): there was a goat cheese fire in a tunnel in Norway

Aren't you-all glad I have internet access, so that I can bring to your attention such essential information?

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