Saturday, August 7, 2010

Forgetting isn't everything

Stuff I've managed to forget/misplace, which affected me today:
  • my regular ring of keys
  • the spare car key
  • the other spare car key
  • the time of C and B's wedding
  • the key to my (usual, permanent) locker at the temple
  • because of the above, my name tag which identifies me as a worker at the temple
  • that it is a good idea to wear, ahem, *appropriately-colored undergarments when one is attending the temple
  • the time that prayer meeting for my shift starts
  • my little hand-sewing project which I thought I had packed just in case I ended up waiting around for a while, for a ride

Stuff I've managed to do anyway:
  • Talk my astonishingly patient mother into both dropping me off and picking me up
  • Borrow needed items of clothing 
  • Get a temporary name tag, and 
  • Just get a locker in the regular locker room instead of the worker room
  • Be on time to the aforementioned wedding (I was two hours early; whew!)
  • Help out the swamped, morning shift of the temple staff, because I happened to have an hour to kill, because I was two hours early to a wedding being held there
  • Let my shift supervisor know that I'd be missing the prayer meeting because of said wedding (I was there early! so I left a note)
  • Be practically on time to start working on my shift
  • Be a patron at the temple; I skipped being a patron early in the day because they needed me as a worker, but at the end of my own shift it was very, very quiet, so (with permission) I left my post and went up to another very, very quiet office where they were most happy to have me as a patron in the hour before my mother was able to pick me up
  • Find the second spare car key! Now if only my memory would show up as well...
*Just in case you didn't know: one walks into the temple in "street clothes," which means Sunday Best. Once inside, one enters a locker room (with individual booths for privacy when changing) and switches to "temple whites," which, as the name indicates, are all white. Since white doesn't tend to be terribly opaque, if one happens to be forgetful about what color of under-layers one has worn, it WILL show through.

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