Monday, May 24, 2010

A Very Abbreviated List of my Favorite (Board) Books

Maria Tatar asked some time back for a list of peoples' top ten picture books. After brainstorming, I found that my list was more than half board books. So, I filled out the rest of the list with board books and decided to do other kinds of books later.

  • Wibbly Pig Likes Bananas, by Nick Butterworth
  • Goodnight, Gorilla, by Peggy Rathman
  • almost anything by Helen Oxenbury
  • Dinosaur’s Binkit (and many, many things by Sandra Boynton; any of her later books will be excellent)
  • Gossie (and other books in this series), by Olivier Dunrea
  • Mole and the Baby Bird, by Marjorie Newman
  • Max's Bedtime, by Rosemary Wells
  • Freight Train, by Donald Crews
  • Piggies, by Don and Audrey Wood (as well as many of their other books, most of which are not sold as board books)
  • the Maisy books, by Lucy Cousins


N said...

What did Leo Leonni write, again?

SAC said...

You know, I put that in somewhat carelessly. The most famous of Leo Leonni's books is probably _Swimmy_; he has also written some great little board books. I definitely recommend him; but looking at the rest of the list, I realized that everything else on it had been thoroughly field-tested by me personally, whereas the Leonni books hadn't. Therefore: _Freight Train_, instead. Thanks for calling me on it!

N said...

This is a great list - thanks for reminding me of so many of these.