Saturday, April 3, 2010

And Now, Spring

Moss on the roots of the neighbors' cherry tree:

And a bush, whose name I should know but don't, at the corner of our property:

The poor, snowed-upon hedge by the front walk has been rejuvenated (I was going to take an "after" shot from the same angle that I took that one during the snow storm, but then I realized that only a full-on side view could do justice to the beauty of the new growth. It's almost like a teenager, it's so leggy.)

And finally, an only slightly blurry shot of the walk up the side of the house-- it doesn't normally look quite this ethereal, but I happened to be out at the right time of day to make it seem like Galadriel was going to make an appearance at ANY MOMENT. (Though you may notice that the "Galadriel Effect" is somewhat dampened with the realization that the boxy thing at the top of the hill is in fact our (communal) mailbox.)

And now my camera card has properly been dumped, and I'm off for an evening walk.

Maybe tomorrow, if I can, I will get a shot of the cardinal which has been frequenting the deck. Wish me luck.


ke said...

(The bush is forsythia. Which I know because it's my favorite springtime signpost.)

Day said...

These are beautiful. :)

emw said...

(lord of the ring reference)that or sam(gamgee)already has.

emw said...

it is beautiful.