Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Almost made me cry

Just a couple, from my ol' favorite, the BBC website:

The first is about a British minister who was in Russia, doing a call-in show, when this old lady calls and says that she is a long-lost relative. The folks running the show cut her off, because they thought she was probably a crackpot, but he ran off right after the show was over to find her-- turns out that they're relatives after all, and she had thought she was the last one in their family.

The full article doesn't tell you much more than that, but here's the link to it anyway:


And here's a link to another article about the same thing, but this one has a picture of his grandfather, who was the relative's father's cousin. I think.


OK. Next one was titled "Youngest Headmaster in the World," and I thought it was going to be about a kid who was super-smart-- but it turned out not quite how I had expected. Turns out that this young man, from India, began to teach some of his friends school lessons, as a game when he was nine; but over time, the game grew more serious, and now every day after school he runs a free school for the kids in his village who can't afford to come to regular school. He's sixteen now. Eight hundred kids show up every day. He has nine fellow teachers, all of whom are also volunteers and also either high school or college students.

Anyway, in this case you really should read the whole article, and yes, it really did make me cry. So there.


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