Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From driveway to driveway

I visited my aunt and uncle this last weekend. They live in Arizona, a place where-- as various people said over the weekend-- the sun always shines, and it never snows. They said this because my uncle's family lives in a town on a mountaintop, so that when towns even a few miles away have gotten a normal amount (for northern Arizona) of precipitation, they have gotten enough snow in their town so far this year that their schools have already used up all of their "snow days".

Yesterday morning it began to snow. Early. As in, ahead of schedule.

[This next part is later-- I don't know how to edit the posting dates on these things.]

Joyce blogged the whole thing (check out Now We Are 2 and 2, over on the side there). She even put up pictures! It's hard to beat that. Be sure to read my comment.


Rebecca said...

It was great to see you. Also glad to know more about the vampires.

ltandjbcox said...

We really enjoyed your few hours here. . . . was it only 64! I was thinking Friday through Tuesday. . . actually Saturday late afternoon until Tuesday. . .At any rate, it all went by too quickly. Okay, throwing a party into the middle of it didn't help but we still loved your coming. We have had cold, windy rain since but are promised cooling temperatures and another foot of the white stuff.
Bon Voyage on your flight. . . I hope that all works out for you. I will keep track of you via this blessed internet connection.