Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Princess Nice Girl Has Just Become a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story

This is because it is largely the creation of my nephew, EE, who has first rights over the story. During a recent visit to my home, he spent most of the time telling me the further adventures of his princess-- and he took the story in a completely different direction than I had envisioned (see below). I, for my part, was sort of attached to the way I was taking things, so I decided that a choose-your-own- adventure might be the best route.

Turns out that Princess Nice Girl's parents are really aliens who are trying to take over the earth; Princess Nice Girl is actually the only one who (with one of her superpowers, which is hidden from her parents) can shoot down their little henchmen-robots. I am unclear on whether this superpower came from a beam, or is a (laser) beam, or both. She also has a superpower of hearing anyone who is screaming for a house.

She is in the book The Only Superhero Who Can Save The World.

She has a magical axe, which can cut down mountains just by touching them, and the mountains turn in to wood, which she can then build houses with. I commented that they must make an awful lot of wood. He said that yes, it was enough to build a whole city, and that it was even enough to build a tower to Mars.

He drew illustrations of all this for me while I was taking a nap-- I have but to get the pictures, a scanner, and a computer-with-working-internet all in one place, now. He also decided that Princess Nice Girl's hair was yellow. I have seen the picture (I promise to scan it in for you, very, very soon), and I can personally report that it is indeed yellow, and not anything like blonde.

Actually, truth be told, the pictures are how this whole thing started-- I desperately needed a nap, so I sat him down at the kitchen table with drawing supplies and instructions to wake me up only if he really needed me. Let it be a warning to you: crazy things can happen when you let a five-year-old loose with colored pencils and blank paper.

In related news, EE's cousin, T, read the original story and liked it, but decided that Princess Nice Girl was not quite the right name. She will be letting me know of acceptable alternatives any time now-- I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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