Sunday, July 13, 2008

A quote from last night at dinner

Last night, I was at dinner at a friend's house-- a friend (this is relevant) who is old enough to be my mother, and who had invited to this dinner some people old enough to be my grandparents-- and they were talking about a woman whom they all knew, who is approximately my age. J (the one who did all the inviting) said, by way of introducing this woman's character, "She went in to labor while kickboxing!" and someone asked who she had married, and D, who is (I think) old enough to be my grandfather, said "Someone who could keep up with her." He said that she had dated several young men who hadn't been able to keep up with her, and that he was sure that she had finally found someone who could.

For about thirty seconds, it made me want to be someone like that-- someone whom others have to keep up with, physically-- but after that thirty seconds it wore off, and I realized that I'm pretty content with the gifts I have. But it is fun to think that such people do exist. It somehow seems to make the Universe a place where superheroes-- or maybe just heroes-- are more likely to happen.

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